Create Enterprise Services Fast
  • Cloud based Enterprise Service Platform
  • Realtime & Historical Analytics
  • Create & Manage RESTful APIs
  • Social layer, Mobile SDK
  • SMS, Calls & various APIs
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Easy Service Creation

Create your services fast with easy scripting language. Use built in services to create rich services.

Realtime & Historical Analytics

Analytics is a core part of the platform, it provides real time streaming & historical analytics.

Analytics Models

Create dynamic analytics models to capture various usage patterns. Use time series, color coded and range based models.

Multidimentional Analytics

During analysis you can use multiple dimentions like social sentiment, stocks, weather etc to identify correlation.

Create & Manage RESTful APIs

Create and manage RESTful APIs using our web based API creator. Manage versions, handle payments and enforce SLAs.

Cloud Based Enterprise Service Platform

Scalability is built into the platform, just add more servers and add capacity. Amazon AWS support is also built in.

Services - SMS, Email, AWS, Call etc..

Use various pre-packaged services like call, email, SMS, AWS etc in your services and APIs.

Mobile SDK

Mobile SDK is also provided so develoers can easily integrate platform services in their apps.

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